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5th NY Veteran Infantry Links Page

5th Vets Links

  • Schroeder Publications Get the history of the 5th Vets here!
  • The 5th NY Vol. Inf., Duryée's Zouaves, Co. A
  • NY State in the Civil War

    Zouave Links

  • The Civil War Zouave Database
  • 146th NY Inf., Co. F - Garrard's Tigers They were brigaded with the 5th Vets in the Zouave Brigade.
  • Civil War Vivandiéres and Daughters of the Regiment
  • Civil War Zouave Reenacting Units
  • The Life and Death of Elmer Ellsworth

    General Civil War Links

  • The Civil War Archive
  • The United States Civil War Center at LSU
  • E-History.Com
  • The National Archives and Records Admin.
  • The Union Soldier, His Life and Times
  • Farber's Weekly - A Weekly Civil War Cybermagazine

    Civil War Reenacting Links

    My Other Websites

  • The 78th NY Inf., The Lochiel Cameron Highlanders
  • The 11th IN Inf., Wallace's Zouaves
  • The 114th PA Inf., Collis' Zouaves

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