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Images of the 5th NY Veteran Infantry

Left: Cleveland Winslow, 1st Colonel of the 5th Vets. Right: Frederic Winthrop, 2nd Col. of the 5th Vets.
(Patrick Schroeder collection) / (Patrick Schroeder collection)
Left: 2nd Lt. Axel Leatz, Co. D. Right: Capt. Charles Montgomery, Co. B.
(Sten Karlholm collection) / (NYS Div. of Military & Naval Affairs)
Left: Corp. John Wust. Right: Pvt. Strod Putnam, transferred from the 14th Brooklyn.
(NYS Div. of Military & Naval Affairs) / (NYS Div. of Military & Naval Affairs)
Left:1st Sgt. Henry Vredenburg. Right: Sketch of the 5th Vets by Charles Reed.
(NY State Museum collection) / (Library of Congress)

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Images may be found in the book, "We Came To Fight", by Patrick Schroeder. Click HERE for details!!